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CARE believes that human beings are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ in the image of God and that public policy must respect this fact throughout the life of a human being from conception till natural death. The human embryo may be small but each one is fully human, made in the image of God and therefore deserves the utmost respect, care and protection.  We are consequently opposed to the UK legislation that permits the creation and destruction of human embryos for research purposes.

As a result of the law changing to permit human embryonic research, more than 1.6 million human lives have been destroyed.

To date (although some trials are reported) human embryonic stem cell research has not resulted in the creation of a single therapy that can help cure disease. By contrast, adult stem cells – the harvesting of which do not result in the destruction of human life and pose no ethical dilemmas – have been used to treat more than seventy five diseases ranging from Chronic Leukaemia to Inherited Immune System disorders [i]. Moreover, scientists have also managed to reprogram adult stem cells to give them the properties of human embryonic stem cells, again without the destruction of human life. [ii]

The moral problem with human embryo research is further compounded by the fact that if all the millions of pounds of money (some of it from the tax payer) that has been spent on human embryonic stem cell research had been invested in adult stem cell research, a good case could be made for saying that adult stem cell therapies would be more widely available and fewer people would be sick [iii].

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Questions for candidatesQuestion mark icon

1. Do you think creating and destroying human embryos for research purposes is ethical?

2. Would you commit to campaign for the reallocation of all funding on human embryonic stem cell research, which involved the destruction of over 1.6 million human embryos, to adult stem cell research, which has so far given rise to many therapies?

3. Will you commit to repealing the legislation that permitted animal-human hybrids?

4. Will you commit to repealing three-parent children Regulations, which some are already asking to be made more widely available?

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