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Where do the main parties stand on Marriage?
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CARE supports marriage as a lifelong commitment between one man and one woman which is for the good of society. This ‘good’ is manifest in a wealth of social science evidence which demonstrates that marriage is associated with significantly better outcomes than cohabitation for both adults and children across a range of fields, including health, education, wealth and wellbeing.  CARE believes governments should create a public policy framework that supports marriage through the tax system and by investing in marriage support services such as marriage preparation, marriage enrichment and marriage guidance counselling. Further information as to where CARE stands on marriage can be accessed here

Below are extracts from the manifestos of the larger political parties relating to marriage.

Alliance Party

“Key elements for Alliance in a shared future… would include:

Extending civil marriage provisions to same sex couples, with robust protections provided through legislation to protect faith groups and religious celebrants who do not wish to marry same-sex couples.” (pg.12)

Conservative Party

No comment

Democratic Unionist Party

No comment

Green Party (England and Wales)

No comment

Green Party in Northern Ireland

The Green Party in Northern Ireland will “Introduce marriage equality to Northern Ireland.” (pg. 12)

Labour Party

No comment

Liberal Democrats

No comment

Plaid Cymru

No comment

Scottish Greens

No comment

Scottish National Party

No comment

Sinn Fein

Sinn Fein priorities include: “Marriage Equality” (pg. 7)

Social Democratic and Labour Party

“The SDLP strongly supports LGBT+ rights. Not only did SDLP leader Colum Eastwood bring forward the first marriage equality motion to receive a majority in the Northern Ireland Assembly, we have also tabled a bill to legislate for marriage equality.” (pg. 14)


No comment

Ulster Unionist Party

No comment

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