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Where do the main parties stand on Abortion?
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CARE believes that every life has value, from its beginning at conception to its natural end. Accordingly, CARE therefore believes that abortion is neither in the best interest of the mother or the child.  We are also deeply concerned about the suffering of women wrestling with post-abortion trauma.  Follow these links for further information as to where CARE stands on abortion and international development relating to abortion.

Below are extracts from the manifestos of the larger political parties relating to abortion.

Alliance Party

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Conservative Party

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Democratic Unionist Party

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Green Party (England and Wales)

In the separate manifesto for gender equality the Green Party also commits to “Decriminalise abortion procedures across the entire UK, regulating them through medical practice instead of the law. We would provide patients from Northern Ireland with free-of-charge access to NHS abortion care and travel expenses in the mean-time.” (Manifesto for Gender Equality pg. 10)

Green Party in Northern Ireland

The Green Party will “decriminalise abortion. The UK is not meeting its minimum human rights requirements for people across the UK in this regard, and especially in Northern Ireland.” (pg. 12)

Labour Party

“Labour will continue to ensure a woman’s right to choose a safe, legal abortion – and we will work with the Assembly to extend that right to women in Northern Ireland.” (pg. 109)

Labour commits to “appoint dedicated global ambassadors for women’s rights, LGBT rights and religious freedom to fight discrimination and promote equality globally.” (pg. 118)

Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrats promise that “in light of the US government’s dangerous and anti-science attacks on international programmes of vaccination and family planning, which impact disproportionately on the health of women and children, [they will] seek to protect global spending on these essential provisions.” (pg. 86)

Plaid Cymru

No comment

Scottish Greens

No comment

Scottish National Party

No comment

Sinn Fein

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Social Democratic and Labour Party

“At Westminster the SDLP will continue to oppose any proposals to extend the 1967 Abortion Act to Northern Ireland.” (pg. 15)


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Ulster Unionist Party

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