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The Scottish National Party manifesto: Where they stand on our issues
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The SNP manifesto for the General Election was published today, 30 May.  You can read the manifesto in full here.  Below are extracts relating to issues addressed on the engaGE17 website.

So what does the manifesto say?

Addressing trafficking and exploitation

“This year Dr Eilidh Whiteford became the first SNP MP to have a Private Member’s Bill pass at Westminster. The Bill requires the UK government to ratify the Istanbul Convention and take further action to eradicate domestic violence.”(pg.4)

“The Bill will commit the UK government to funding essential services such as women’s refuges and rape crisis helplines. SNP MPs will ensure there is a clear timetable for that to happen.”(pg.32)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Trafficking and Exploitation issues can be accessed here

Family and Tax

“We will support the reversal of the married couple’s allowance …”(pg. 15)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Family and Tax issues can be accessed here

Religious Liberty and Equality

“The European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR) is enshrined in the Scotland Act 1998, ensuring that human rights are protected by the Scottish Government and all Scottish legislation. The SNP re-affirms its commitment to the Council of Europe, the ECHR and their institutions. We will fight to protect human rights across the UK. SNP MPs will oppose any attempts by the UK government to scrap the Human Rights Act and withdraw the UK from the ECHR.” (pg.30)

“To tackle workplace discrimination and sexist dress codes, SNP MPs will vote for a change in the Equality Act to strengthen and change the law that currently allows employers to have different dress codes for men and women.”(pg.34)

“The SNP Scottish Government is committed to reviewing and reforming gender recognition laws, in line with international best practice. SNP MPs will press the UK government to match the Scottish Government’s commitment to legislation within this parliament. SNP MPs will continue to demand full devolution of equality law to the Scottish Parliament. Until that happens we will seek equality law reforms to ensure same-sex couples have equal pension rights and protected characteristics are expanded to ensure all LGBTI people are fully protected from discrimination and harassment. At Westminster the SNP successfully pressured the UK government to pass a ‘Turing Bill’ which pardoned deceased gay men convicted for same-sex sexual activity that is now lawful. SNP MPs will press the UK government to go further and match the Scottish Government’s commitment to extend the pardon to gay men who are still alive today and have such records.”(pg.37)

“SNP MPs will support the establishment of a special envoy to promote the rights of LGBTI people throughout the world, as an integral part of UK foreign policy – helping to alleviate the discrimination and persecution faced by LGBTI people in Chechnya and across the world.”(pg. 47)

“There needs to be reform to the detention and asylum system for LGBTI individuals escaping countries where homosexuality is still criminalised, removing unfair and invasive demands for ‘proof’ of sexuality or gender identity.”(pg.47)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Religious Liberty and Equality issues can be accessed here

Gambling Policy

“There is no doubt that Fixed Odds Betting Terminals cause harm and hardship in communities across Scotland. That’s why the Scottish Government needs legislative powers to control the growth and impact of these machines, and we believe the UK government should devolve these powers in full. The problem of Fixed Odds Betting Terminals is linked to the proliferation of betting shops in some communities and so we will continue to argue for Scotland to have full responsibility for the regulation of gambling.”(pg.37)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Gambling issues can be accessed here

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