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UKIP Manifesto: Where they stand on our issues
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Yesterday (25 May), UKIP published its manifesto. The 64 page document details the key policies that the party will introduce if elected into government. UKIP also published a special manifesto for Wales.

The manifesto can be read in full here

So what does the manifesto say?

Sex and Relationships Education

UKIP reaffirms its 2015 Manifesto pledge to ‘end sex education in primary schools.’ (pg. 24)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Sex and Relationships Education issues can be accessed here

Addressing trafficking and exploitation

UKIP reaffirms its 2015 Manifesto pledge to ‘prosecute all cases of adult sexual behaviour with under-age minors, and maintain the current age of consent.’ (pg. 41)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Trafficking and Exploitation issues can be accessed here

Religious Liberty and Equality

UKIP says that ‘Britain has always welcomed people of whatever faith, nationality or creed who have wanted to make their home in this country, but a lack of vision for an integrated Britain has led to our society becoming more and more fragmented. UKIP will take integration as seriously as we have immigration, and we will not tolerate the intolerable.’ (pg. 35)

UKIP promises to ‘UKIP will stand up for the equal rights of all people in Britain, and say we are proud of our country and its achievements, our values of free speech, democracy, independence, and patriotism. We will promote British values in our legal system, in our schools, and in our society.’ (pg. 35)

UKIP emphasises that ‘the growth of sharia councils is of great concern to the public, as is the apparent unwillingness of the political class to prevent them proliferating.

UKIP will take action: we will establish a legal commission to draw up proposals to disband sharia councils. It is simple: there should be one law for all.’ (pg. 35)

UKIP promises to ‘UKIP will challenge those who do not uphold the rights of women, or who set themselves on a deliberate collision course with core British values of equality, free speech and democracy. We will protect all women, regardless of their race, ethnicity or religion. Culture is not an excuse for crime, nor is ignorance of the law.’ (pg. 36)

UKIP pledges to ‘ban wearing of the niqab and the burqa in public places. Face coverings such as these are barriers to integration. We will not accept these de-humanising symbols of segregation and oppression, nor the security risks they pose.’ (pg. 37)

‘Until such time as the Muslim community is better integrated, UKIP proposes:

  • Immediately putting into Special Measures schools found to be exposing children to Islamism
  • Giving schools the right to dismiss forthwith any teachers, members of staff or governors found to be actively supporting radical mosques or imams
  • Requiring Ofsted to conduct snap inspections of schools when parents or pupils have raised concerns that:
  • Girls are being offered unequal access to music, dance, PE or drama lessons, or are otherwise discriminated against
  • Anti-Western, anti-Semitic, or anti-equality views are being expressed by staff or governors
  • Muslim or non-Muslim pupils who challenge or do not share hardline views are being bullied or ridiculed.’(pg.38)

UKIP reaffirms its 2015 Manifesto pledge to ‘Protect religious freedoms in accordance with Article 18 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, provided those beliefs exist firmly within the framework of British law. We will not condone any faith position that is itself intolerant of the human rights of others.’ (pg. 38)

UKIP will ‘Refuse admission to prisons to any imam, preacher or individual known to promote views contrary to British values.’ (pg. 41)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Religious Liberty and Equality issues can be accessed here

Online Safety

UKIP promises to ‘extend the remit of the current cross-government Internet Safety Strategy and invite participants to consider whether new legislation is required to address the problem of online abuse.’ (pg. 22)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Online Safety issues can be accessed here


UKIP reaffirms its 2015 Manifesto pledge to ‘Update licensing laws to limit the maximum stake on fixed-odds betting terminals to £2.’ (pg. 41)

Further information as to where CARE stands on gambling issues can be accessed here

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