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Liberal Democrats Manifesto: Where they stand on our issues
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Following the Labour and Plaid Cymru manifestos published yesterday, today, the Liberal Democrats have published theirs. The 97 page document details the key policies that the party will introduce if elected into government. Below are some extracts relating to issues on the engaGE17 website.

The manifesto can be read in full here

So what does the manifesto say?

Family and tax

The Liberal Democrats will “reverse a number of the Conservatives’ unfair and unjustified tax cuts, including …

– The Marriage Allowance.” (pg.40)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Family and Tax issues can be accessed here

Sex and Relationships Education

The Liberal Democrats promise to “introduce a curriculum entitlement – a slimmed down core national curriculum, which will be taught in all state-funded schools. This will include Personal, Social and Health Education: a ‘curriculum for life’ including financial literacy, first aid and emergency lifesaving skills, mental health education, citizenship and age-appropriate Sex and Relationship Education (SRE).” (pg.28)

The Liberal Democrats will “include in SRE teaching about sexual consent, LGBT+ relationships, and issues surrounding explicit images and content.” (pg.29)

The Liberal Democrats are committed to “make the curriculum the responsibility of an Educational Standards Authority to pilot, phase in and resource future changes in consultation with professionals and experts while retaining legitimate democratic accountability.” (pg. 29)

The Liberal Democrats will “challenge gender stereotyping and early sexualisation, working with schools to promote positive body image and break down outdated perceptions of gender appropriateness of particular academic subjects.” (pg. 29)

They will “Tackle bullying in schools, including bullying on the basis of gender, sexuality, gender identity or gender expression.” (pg. 30)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Sex and Relationships Education issues can be accessed here


The Liberal Democrats commit to “strengthen legal rights and obligations for couples by introducing mixed-sex civil partnerships and extending rights to cohabiting couples.” (pg. 72)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Marriage issues can be accessed here

Addressing trafficking and exploitation

The Liberal Democrats promise to “extend requirements on companies to strengthen responsibility for supply chains, focus on good practice in tackling modern slavery, including training for police and prosecutors in identifying and supporting victims, and implement the Ewins report recommendations on domestic workers.” (pg. 71)

The Liberal Democrats commit to “decriminalise the sale and purchase of sex, and the management of sex work – reducing harm, defending sex workers’ human rights, and focusing police time and resources on those groomed, forced or trafficked into the sex industry. We would provide additional support for those wishing to leave sex work.” (pg. 72)

The Liberal Democrats will “maintain, as part of our fight against hard Brexit, cross-border co-operation in combatting serious organised crime, including international fraud and child sexual exploitation, by retaining the European Arrest Warrant, membership of Europol and access to EU information databases.” (pg. 73)

The Liberal Democrats pledge to “provide government funding for a national rape crisis helpline with increased opening hours and advertisement.” (pg. 74)

The Liberal Democrats will “review the investigation, prosecution, procedures and rules of evidence in cases of sexual and domestic violence.” (pg. 76)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Trafficking and Exploitation issues can be accessed here

Religious Liberty and Equality

The Liberal Democrats promise to “extend the Equality Act to all large companies with more than 250 employees, requiring them to monitor and publish data on gender, BAME, and LGBT+ employment levels and pay gaps.” (pg. 71)

They will “guarantee the freedom of people to wear religious or cultural dress, and tackle the growing incidence of Islamophobic hate crime.” (pg. 72)

They will “extend protection of gender reassignment in equality law to explicitly cover gender identity and expression, and streamline and simplify the Gender Recognition Act 2004 to allow individuals to change their legal gender without unnecessary bureaucratic hurdles, for example the intrusive medical tests currently required.” (pg. 72)

The Liberal Democrats promise to “ensure that trans prisoners are placed in prisons that reflect their gender identity, rather than their birth gender.” (pg. 76)

The Liberal Democrats pledge to “scrap the flawed Prevent strategy and replace it with a scheme that prioritises community engagement and supports communities in developing their own approach to tackling the dangers of violent extremism.” (pg. 77)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Religious Liberty and Equality issues can be accessed here

Online Safety

The Liberal Democrats will “introduce a digital bill of rights that protects people’s powers over their own information, supports individuals over large corporations, and preserves the neutrality of the internet.” (pg. 73)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Online Safety issues can be accessed here


The Liberal Democrats promise that “in light of the US government’s dangerous and anti-science attacks on international programmes of vaccination and family planning, which impact disproportionately on the health of women and children, [they will] seek to protect global spending on these essential provisions.” (pg. 86)

Further information as to where CARE stands on abortion and  international development relating to abortion can be accessed here

End of life

The Liberal Democrats commit to “provide more choice at the end of life and move towards free end-of-life social care, whether people spend their last days at home or in a hospice.” (pg. 21)

Further information as to where CARE stands on end of life matters can be accessed here

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