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Plaid Cymru manifesto: Where they stand on our issues
Public Affairs

This week the parties have begun publishing their manifestos, starting with Plaid Cymru. Below is an extract from the Plaid Cymru Action Plan which connects with one of the issues raised on the engaGE17 website.

 You can read the Plaid Cymru Action Plan in full here.

Religious Liberty and Equality

“Where we are: Our fundamental human rights are at risk, exposing the weakest, most vulnerable members of our communities.

Plaid Cymru’s answer: We will publish a human rights charter for Wales to defend Welsh people against the backdrop of a Tory government intent on undermining the Human Rights Act.

Where we can be: Legal protection for our human rights and guarantees that whatever your race, gender or sexual orientation you will be treated equally.” (p39)

Further information as to where CARE stands on Religious Liberty and Equality issues can be accessed here

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