Equipping Christians for the General Election

We can Curate the Commons
Stuart Weir

We live in God’s theatre, God’s world, which in our case are the various countries that make up the 
United Kingdom. We are also given the freedom in the United Kingdom by our God to behave poorly, well or indifferently. There are consequences to whatever response of course. Behaving poorly can, for example, damage relationships or end you up in prison. Behaving well can perhaps bring about personal flourishing as well as for those around about you. We are powerful people, each and every one of us. We get to shape that which is coming next.

In keeping with this, we have not only the freedom but the means by which to create a fresh collection of 650 MPs in the House of Commons. It is in our hands. Whatever make up of parliament we end up with, the blend has been created by us as a collective.

The question is, who will we pick? Returning to the language of the world as God’s theatre, it is worth viewing this snap General Election as a theatre performance. Imagine you are the director of the play. You need to recruit actresses and actors to bring your story to life. It is within your decision-making power who your cast will be. You have the first and final say whether you hire Maggie Smith and Ewan McGregor or some dull bunch of duds. The play will only reflect the quality of those on stage. In order to give a wonderful performance that will keep its audience in rapt attention you need the best the acting world can offer.

For the General Election, we are the ones who get to be on the selection committee, the hiring group. So let’s make sure we do our homework on who these candidates are. If they’re new, let’s find out what they believe online, at a hustings, or an arranged meeting. If your previous MP is running again, you have a two year record of how they voted. Do their pledges match up with what actually took place? Use engaGE17 to find such things out.

The point is this. We are given freedom by God in this democracy to make our own bed. Let’s ensure it’s one that we want to lie in.

We get to curate the Commons.

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